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I think I understand now why John Lennon used his fame to make big statements: because to express creativity, to give it form, is a beautiful thing, but even when it takes shape into some great piece of wisdom, there is no action behind it. No movement.

Making music is great. When we’re on it, we’re really on it, and it’s encouraging when we hit a wall and then manage to break through it. And we’d all be lucky and thankful to have even a handful of people who can hear what we do and say, “Hey, that’s just…wow.”

Still, I’d like to know that whatever I––we–– create is doing something; that the reaction it elicits is a good and tangible thing. Something we can point to and say, “Ah, see. We’ve made a difference.” And if what we create won’t do that for us, then you can be damn sure I’ll be like John Lennon, or Bono, or Joan Baez, even, using whatever influence I earn to get shit done. But, really. (Because seriously Johnny, what changes were made from your beard or your week under the sheets? No kidding.)

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We’ve been watching a lot of old episodes of “The West Wing” around here. We don’t have a press secretary, but we’ve got news to leak.

Let’s start by saying it’s busy around here.

Monday we start work on a new project. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Also, this just in, we’ll be playing a set at The Boro in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on March 8th. There will be a few other touring bands, but The Heavy Love Cult is Nashville’s local representation so to speak, and we’re psyched. More details to come. In the meantime, keep listening.


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Take me to your spirit house

Everything must come out

No fear, no shadow of doubt

I want to go to your spirit house

Everything must come out

In the spirit house

– Michael

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It’s one thing to have doubts. It’s another to let those doubts dictate action. Just because you’re uncertain of the outcome doesn’t mean you should give up the action altogether. -Rose

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If you ever fancy a challenge, chase the sun west. It never rests and you have always been going on and on. For it is much better to shine than to wait for the dawn. It is better to chase than to be paused. It’s is better to grab gold (if for a little bit) than hold on to bronze. Chase the sun west and keep shining on. – Michael

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I’m not trying to be the next John Bonham. There’s only one of those guys. I’m not trying to be better than him, either. I’m just trying to be better than myself, and that’s the real challenge, because it means telling myself, daily, “You can do more than that.” -Rose

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